Misha Collins


Actor, baker, candlestick maker

This is a seagull made entirely from the perfect material for sculpture: Tampons and maxi pads.

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1782 days ago

This is a seagull made entirely from the perfect material for sculpture: Tampons and maxi pads.


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SabakuNoBammey 1777 days ago

That must have been quite hard to make x3

luna333333 1778 days ago

OK, wow, Ummmm, yeah, did someone send you this? What can I say? Its a good composition, but WHY?

mpperry 1779 days ago

you know your bored when...........lol

JDianeAbela 1780 days ago

really? Eldest? a tangent, but i'll write about a chic's uncle hiding Vader dad in job competition

aymikerolayn_k 1781 days ago

Hahahah ))))

Kellyanne1977 1782 days ago

Cos no living room is complete without one. Reminds me of Youtube channel Coolest Thing In House

audacious_lass 1782 days ago

Of course. You would be the only one to have thought of it. Of course.

Daihaa 1782 days ago

Ahaha! Actually it could make an amazing exhibition! Free entry for woman only...

averina1074 1782 days ago

Listen, this bird from the pads to the end of life we have enough))))

Julie_Korn 1782 days ago

wow hahaha great beginning of the day hahaha that's awesome! :D

pilsbury4 1782 days ago

See this is what happens when menopause hits you get creative in your hotflashes! :D

_sey 1782 days ago

Bringing the term "shark week" full circle.

doriebee 1782 days ago

let's hope they got the super absorbent variety, if you plan on showcasing these in the wild.

IBelieveInCas 1782 days ago

That. Is. Awesome.

RodNayMcKay 1782 days ago

And if it got left in the rain, it would become a statue of a roc....

MJMcG926 1782 days ago

It's going to take a lot of effort not to be thinking about this at work. Thanks Misha! ;)

Ningyouchan 1782 days ago

Bwahahaha!!! Oh Misha, you just made my night. XD

Souupuudiim 1782 days ago

Ai Deus... Só você mesmo hein marido? SDKAÇLSKSDÇALKDSAÇLKD Seu lindo. ♥

reofre 1782 days ago

hahahahahaha! crazy!