kenny wormald


whata night for a dance, u know im a dancin' machine

Kenny Talauega hahaha my new TAT-newzealand ( check out the artist)

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1948 days ago

Kenny Talauega hahaha my new TAT-newzealand ( check out the artist)


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luwick 1722 days ago

oh yeah, hot .

orlane192 1750 days ago

beautiful tatouage

SoMeDaY_StEpH 1754 days ago

Yeya!! Representing Nz!! where i live :D go nz!

zayasmum 1844 days ago

Tino ataahua tama , fully digging tha tat gee that is so my culture, YEAH,

mauri ora ki te chur bro !

iffideluxe 1905 days ago

nice tat!!! very hot

Stormibby 1909 days ago

Damnnnnnn thatss hottttt:]

Caarlsz 1926 days ago

Dayuuuuuuuum boy that's HOT , lovee the tat (:

_Lexyread_ 1933 days ago

haha a kiwi tat - you should do a dance workshop in nz, its amazing here p.s lxceee its spelt maori ;) all g, i think this is probably not a taonga, so not traditional maori. traditional tattoos are sacred to some tribes.

lxcee 1942 days ago

its not a "new zealand tribal" tattoo its a moari tattoo. hopefully it actually means something, unlike the rest of the world having any moari design and thinking there cool...

AndieMartinez 1946 days ago

Is that the bod of the best dancer in the world? haha If its kenny...this it is. lol nice tat.

TanyaMargo 1948 days ago


stunner_ 1948 days ago

Eish now how are you gonna do Ballet?

Squish1381 1948 days ago

TAT? What TAT? couldnt see it past the rip't body OMG talk about how to make a girl gasp for breath whilst picking her tongue up off the floor

Tyrene_ 1948 days ago

new zealand tribal tatt, and its done very nicely. I love the tribal tats. Nice positioning aswell

noedith 1948 days ago

I don't find it any shape to ur tat!! I got 2 questions: What's it?? and What does it mean 2 u??

Jessicali_ma 1948 days ago


NaHarumi 1948 days ago

uuuu! HOT! ;]

valeashlee 1948 days ago

Good tattoo...:]

yonaraaaa 1948 days ago

Kenny is HOOOOOOT :D Come to Brazil NOOOOOOW

DianaPCD 1948 days ago