(#God, #animals, #nature, #spirituality) Oh, isn't this so so very very sweet?? I've share a pic of this guy here having a close encounter with a lion before, and here are more of him with them and some other animals too, hyenas and I think a jaguar. I don't really know exactly what the black one is but, sure does look like a jaguar to me...lol. Oh, it's just so so very very sweet and awesome!! Love this!! Love it so so very very much!!

(Very very sorry about the size of the image. Tried to make it bigger but, to no avail...lol. Sorry. I really really want you guys to see it that's why I still shared it. Even though it's small. Thanks!! :))

(He's a lion whisperer in South Africa :)).)

Pic via Pixdaus http://pixdaus.com/the-lion-whisperer-south-africa-animals/items/view/57535/