Jeanie Buss


EVP, LA Lakers - I don't write about bball just the things that go on around Lakers world

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1972 days ago


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plpfctn 1939 days ago

such a cute dog

depnya 1964 days ago

i dont kno if im late non this 1 but jeanie make sure you bring to te vet.those small dogs like that can go from 1 prob to the next. just get him a good checkup blood work etc, small dogs like that can have prob after problem. please keep us posted to how

Cutter57 1970 days ago

Little stinker! Eating dirt, are you? What vitamin are you missing? Get a good powder that you can add to the little one's food from the pet shop that has all the nutrients you can't pronounce and that should take care of it. It may also be Her-self's way

OldDirt 1972 days ago

What a cutie. I'm single, is she??

LisaMarieMon30 1972 days ago

Ooops!! "Jeanie". I was too busy looking at your Doggie's Eyes. :)

LisaMarieMon30 1972 days ago

Stop It Jeanne or I will have to stalk you just to get your Adorable Doggie. HeeHee!!