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Sweet memories

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2715 days ago

Sweet memories


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JoyC58 2395 days ago

So special! Thank you for sharing. I miss MJ but feel his presense...been on a journey of awakening since last June ♥

gauravbabs 2396 days ago

love the pic, miss MJ

TheEleventhHour 2397 days ago

l love this picture ! two beautiful souls :) Great photo. very nice. thanks for sharing. sad and happy love love

Nurelah 2397 days ago

Alive and well...

EyeOfHaarsha 2398 days ago

This is awesome! Wow!

EyeOfHaarsha 2398 days ago

This is awesome! Wow!

BoboNoire 2398 days ago

monkey magic must be a rider on the rumor bandwagon. too bad.

dianabfm 2398 days ago

Nice pic, too. I always loved his smile. Looks like you two were having fun. Love how the hat tilts on you.:)

dianabfm 2398 days ago

A couple of great guys right here. I would say they both continue to shine their lights on the world. R.I.P. Sweet-Soul Michael.

deepalih 2398 days ago

i love mj..SUCH AN INNOCENT AND WARM SMILE.r.i.p,mj.....

GeneRubio 2398 days ago

Transcendental Pop ♫

Ligia_Braz 2398 days ago

yes... very nice picture!

lilbastard247 2398 days ago

Awesome pic brotha!

LiliMuchlis 2398 days ago

Wow! MJ was such an influential person. Enormously talented but at the same time, I think he was a fragile person too. RIP, MJ.

lovesYeshua 2398 days ago

Namaste! i luv this pix!

itsmemariell 2398 days ago

I love this! So lucky deepak. Miss MJ.. :'(

SpiritwindRAdio 2398 days ago

At least his walk this time is finished, watch over us MJ. The next round will be so awesome

vvsingla 2398 days ago

MJ was good. situations and jeans did not match with him on some situations in his life. thats why confusions are still alive. have fun. sleep well in deep H.

SashaPanda 2588 days ago

Oh Gawd ): I Miss Him So Much! Youre So Lucky You Spent Time With Him! Im Actually Jealous!

creepu 2626 days ago

You must really miss him more than we could know