(#God, #animals, #nature, #spirituality)Wow!! Now, isn't this one super super beautiful bird with her chicks?? It's a peahen with her chicks, or should say "peachicks??" hmm?? lol...Loving them so so very very much over here!! I actually never thought peacocks/peahens never had kids....lol...it's something that never ever came to mind and I guess it might also be because I had never seen their chicks before either for real or in pics or on TV. So seeing this pic, I was like "oh, they give birth too!! Ahh..." lol. Love them!! The pic is super super beautiful as a whole too!! Love that super super amazing and beautiful greenery around them too!! It's looks so so very very great, beautiful, and amazing!! Love it!! :))

(It's a peahen with her chicks :)).)

Pic via Pixdaus http://pixdaus.com/peahen-and-chicks-by-colin-white-animals-aves-birds-chicks-f/items/view/84991/