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Earth, Wind, Fire and Water!

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1700 days ago

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water!


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darkdemonozkar 1679 days ago

XD soo u are still in artix games :O?

G73DZ 1694 days ago

NICE work there :D.But i have to ask you something... Are you going to continue draw for aqw or this was just your LAST for 2012 to show that you worked and on 2012 ?

linus95x 1694 days ago

We've MISSED YOU so MUCH! specially your WORK and giving non mem a BRILLIANT ITEMS in AQW. WE are HOPING that you've come back and give us again BRILLIANT non mem ITEMS with you signature NAME! I'm Your BIG FAN and FOLLWER!

LorAbb1996 1694 days ago

this is prob goin to be for his new game oversoul?

ThugginSwag 1696 days ago

I thought you don't make items for aqw anymore oO? and no more miltonius items ?

Zinrio666 1699 days ago

The earth and the fire sword looks totally awesome >:)

soulsyth 1699 days ago

..heart,go planet!

TrippShot_AE 1699 days ago

who cares for what game they are they look rigid

Veneeria_AQW 1699 days ago

Love how you made those fire wings but the blade feels off somehow...
The handle on the earth one is also amazing .. and the shape of the wind sword is plain has got that feel in which i can't explain but is just right! That water sword got on my spines.

J1KTheGamer 1699 days ago

oversoul or aqw i cant tell :o

DTAQW 1699 days ago

Fire one is cool. My favorite one out of the four.

HEB_AE 1699 days ago

the 2nd and the 3rd are the ones i like. and WB NULGATH

MacianArt 1700 days ago

are these gonna be the ultimate weapons of the elements?

RippleFrog 1700 days ago

Amazing as always.

Vogelzangsven 1700 days ago

nice :3

RetrocidoNegro 1700 days ago


Pactagonal 1700 days ago

Nice one :D

pRopaaNS 1700 days ago

p.s. love those glowing effects for earth and fire swords. :)

pRopaaNS 1700 days ago

Looks nice, except shading for wind and water seems pretty weak.

MaximusCorvinus 1700 days ago

Better merge it with 1 powerful blade,, milton