@justinbieber Justin Drew Bieber. The time passed so quickly ... It started so small, and is now so big, literally. Remember belieber, when he was poor and lived in a small house with his mother? Today he can live anywhere you want and have whatever you want. And remember when he refused several labels, until the angel of Scooter found it? Well, now everyone wants to hire him. And I bet you did not forget when he sang in front of record radio ... Now he packs stadiums. Just like when Jaitlin exist, the time of euphoria to launch soon Never Say Never, fights with haters, Justin, even sad, always wanting the good of their beliebers, the shows, the joys, the sorrows, the controversy, Jelena ... a lot of story to tell, but there are words that can describe all these memories. Our little kidrauhl grew. Today he has 18 years, he is a man. Some are not with him from the beginning, but will be true until the end. We are so proud of him ... No matter which way, but he changed the lives of every fan, every belieber. Justin has always been humble, but unfortunately the media sometimes ends up ruining his image. He, his family and his team were strong and persistent, and are now at the top. We are all proud of him and his team, and we have to say is: thank you. We'll still have a lot of history to go, and this is just the beginning of a new phase. New things to discover. From Stratford for the World. From Avon Theatre to stage. From My World to Believe. From One Time to Live My Life. Happy Birthday Justin *-*