Misha Collins


Actor, baker, candlestick maker

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1528 days ago


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Liviaandreia30 1289 days ago


FaeStruck 1480 days ago

Mine liked to play with bras too, then shoes. He is precious!

thePhouka 1508 days ago

Adorable! I actually had not seen this b4 giving you the book of International signs@ Con for him!

SabakuNoBammey 1514 days ago

He is soooooooo cute!!:)

aymikerolayn_k 1519 days ago

cutie)) *_____________________________*cutie cutie cutie cutie cutie

oisabellaa 1520 days ago

What a beautiful thing, looks like an angel :(

beeslittleknees 1520 days ago

Now this is an angel of the Lord.

DutchJake 1523 days ago

Glad the reflection shows a fully dressed person.. though there might be more people in the room..

TenderDreamer 1524 days ago

Looks like a baby's bulletproof vest :DDD

Moonlight_Gypsy 1524 days ago

I prefer black ones for they are much more sexier :)

PrincessOfLouis 1525 days ago

Oh, what a beautiful thing!

possuidadomisha 1526 days ago

I want this boy for me :)

CeNaFanHLR 1526 days ago

lol...Confused Lil child with brand new bra!!

WPerne 1526 days ago

That's cute! He looks so confused it's adorable.

Annabel300 1527 days ago

That poor child! He has no idea why you are laughing!!!!

ThaayGah 1527 days ago

Only I think it's too early for him to have a bra ?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

jennyam93 1527 days ago

I've never seen such true enjoyment for bras, or a better natural taste.

uitwihard 1527 days ago

He is SO cute, so sweet, awn <3 #HappybdayJensenAckles

EarthAngel999 1527 days ago

Awwww!... I LOVE this pic! He is sooooo cuuuute!!!!!

pilsbury4 1527 days ago

Helping you pick out a new bra? Is he saying more because you need a bigger size?