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We've finished auditions, hooray! Things are back to normal. I hope?

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2042 days ago

We've finished auditions, hooray! Things are back to normal. I hope?


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teamabdul 2023 days ago

They are so adorable :)

kiki0605 2033 days ago

Finished Auditions? I thought you were going to Salt lake city July 24th.

francny 2041 days ago

Hey Mary, I am a huge fan. I love your scream LOL. Following Nigel now on Twitter, he's funny.

betzography 2042 days ago

YAY auditions are done. Wait they're still standing I figured you'd all be exhausted! We're in heaven here just knowing that we'll have SYTYCD seasons "back to back" It's absolute TORTURE waiting for each season to start!

kim_thorvaldson 2042 days ago

Ah! Back to their beautiful selves. Must have ended on some good auditions! LOL!

SheriReho 2042 days ago

They are just impossibly cute. You gotta love people who aren't afraid to be silly--and to be seen being silly in the Twitterverse! Love ya, Mary! Love ya, Mia!

PenniLess 2042 days ago

Awww. Two brilliant sweeties. Nice pic.

sheilaberke 2042 days ago

Much better! They both look great!

Lexih33 2042 days ago

I love this picture. Both are so beautiful!

UdonaCrosby76 2042 days ago

Great pic!!!!

coliemarieee 2042 days ago

this is sooo cute!

elembie 2042 days ago

You as well Nigel!

elembie 2042 days ago

I much prefer this picture. You two make an adorable couple. See you on the tube! Love both of you!

fabianamontoro 2042 days ago

I'm relieved now, you girls are live!

Lissical 2042 days ago

Aw, great picture!

ThenNiqueSaid 2042 days ago

Where's My Baby Phillip! Mia Michaels Rox! Make A Dance For My Phillip

Monkey2009 2042 days ago

Define normal!

mooglechan 2042 days ago

I think I liked their alien counterparts better--j/k! lol

ohnikkio 2042 days ago

is that mia's best mary?

foulkeafied 2042 days ago

So much beauty and talent there! Can't wait to see these auditions on TV!