Misha Collins


Actor, baker, candlestick maker

You want science? I'll give you science--ALL OVER YOUR FACE!

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1317 days ago

You want science? I'll give you science--ALL OVER YOUR FACE!


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ItsNikiNYC 800 days ago

i have the same pic editing app hehe... lookin good like always Misha *-*

Jweden_ 1281 days ago

Wow, I just love your eyes ^^

ShansDrumstick 1296 days ago

if this is a spoiler I wanna curl up in a corner and die. after watching 7x16 I just wanna do it.

SabakuNoBammey 1301 days ago

Your eyes are so beautiful!!!^w^

Diva_Athena 1303 days ago

I want science.

ptyblueyegrl 1305 days ago

You look a big angry about the process lol ;)

LiviaLulz 1306 days ago

The face you're making, that's your serious face! Expression priceless :D *O* Your eyes too.....

Castianity4ever 1306 days ago

plz shove it all over my face

fuckitshecares 1306 days ago

perfeição ! =(

beeslittleknees 1307 days ago

It is science. In order to change his skin tone he needs a bit of chemical engineering.

pilsbury4 1315 days ago

No that's not science that's just you in the make up chair. It's more art then science

Annabel300 1315 days ago

5 minutes later, and.... still confused. MISHA, YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME

ThaayGah 1316 days ago

Obviously I have to say something but .. I can't think ... This is..I don't know ;S

spikeschilde621 1316 days ago

it looks to me like you're getting a cast of your head...
spoiler alert???

gloriatraveler 1316 days ago

I'm trying to figure out what is happening in this photo. I just don't know.

Valeriankeee 1317 days ago

ommm))) how serious)

necnill 1317 days ago

I look forward to reading your research proposal, Dr Collins.

_Lina_Holmes_ 1317 days ago

Хах! Здорово!
Приятно видеть комментарии на русском языке!:))) пишите по-русски! Миша наш! xD

TheiSpyBaylie 1317 days ago

The hell? I'm slightly turned on... ROFL

melekunbilbo 1317 days ago

Nice 'outfit' ;D