Ray William Johnson


I am a goofy midget with a hairy ass. I've also been known to produce a few good shows.

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Apparently, I walked in on this cat's private time. =/

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923 days ago

Apparently, I walked in on this cat's private time. =/


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AmberScull 886 days ago


IsabelThierry 920 days ago

woohoo that will wake you up in the mornin

gcarignano 921 days ago

I wonder what was the cat doing with the hat and the foam....

TebboTheTiger 923 days ago

That happened to me once too..

YOJICKs 923 days ago

-Billie Jean is not my lover... Hooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Tzwrtzhs_Blink 923 days ago


TheNotSoAverage 923 days ago

ehehehehe.... xD

Lang2006 923 days ago

Why is the cat touching his.....

Spammier 923 days ago

Is that you ray ? could not recognize you :) #rmogspam

manofwar19d 923 days ago

this is what you get for not putting a sock on the door.. tsk tsk...

Lunadawolf 923 days ago

LOL forever alone

joansweetthing 923 days ago

didn't your parents teach you to knock before you enter a room? LOL XD

PhAnToMsFuRy808 923 days ago


tweetercandy 923 days ago

haha nice! thats such an Epic face! <3

shelle9999 923 days ago

Lol, yes I'd say so :)