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I GOT NEXT w/island flava: Nesha TE'REE 

Bernesha Liburd (Born May 21, 1987), most popularly known as Nesha Te’ree, is a female rapper from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She grew up in a stable home with her father, Dr. Bernard Liburd, a renowned calypsonian/musician throughout the Caribbean, her loving mother, Bernadine Liburd, and sister , Besha Liburd, a well-versed, Caribbean songstress.  Needless to say, Nesha grew up around music, but lived a warm, comfortable, life with her adoring family.
Now she dedicates all of her free time to pursuing a career in music, her first love. In her earlier years, at the age of 6, Nesha Te’ree started off singing calypso music in local talent shows and contests. By the tender age of 8, she had discovered her niche, rapping, and started rapping with young, aspiring rappers like herself. However, Nesha wanted to “stand out” from the average dime-a-dozen singers and rappers by also exploring the world of singing and its various styles. Due to lack of resources, Nesha’s dream was put on halt.
In 2010, Nesha branched out and started pursuing her dream hungrily and independently. She was later noticed by Chumba Donovan, CEO of Caribbean Heat, who later signed and placed her on the front of his label.  Chumba landed her many features in magazines such as LA Underground Hip Hop Magazine, BarrioMag, and features on various mix tapes.

In April of 2012, she will release her first mix tape entitled “Anger Management.” The first track  and single on her mix tape, “She Bad,” is a very low key, swaged out tune that illustrates her darker, more hardcore side. Her second single, “Trance 9 (Party & Bullshit),” displays her versatility with her music as she sings on the entire track and parties her whole way through. Nesha’s bold move to incorporate and combine singing with rapping has impressed many dignified names within the music industry further allowing her name to catch on instantly.

“Rock City’s Finest, Miss Heated & Conceited, Miss Neck Breaker” herself is ready to share her music with the world and earn her spot on the top charts. Simply put, if you know her, you’ll love her and if you just simply know of her, she’s bound to get under your skin. What’s certain is, Nesha Te’ree is doing her THANG and according to her is kicking in the door and cuz she’s ready to see Hollywood baby!! 
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