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You know... the Eat It guy.

Whew... thought I lost this.  Finally I can sleep again!

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1321 days ago

Whew... thought I lost this. Finally I can sleep again!


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gaphair 1292 days ago that Eddie Munster all grown up?

Lil_Diva_Angel 1319 days ago

Way cool pic. I have seen Eclipse. I like Jacob for the comment he made in Eclipse + he's a wolf.

MrBigDab 1320 days ago

Ah Ha so you are a Team Edward man then? I think thats cool. I am more of a Team Jacob man myself :)

AnkeArt 1321 days ago

Vampires suck.

PsychO_Jen 1321 days ago

Who would have thought. Team Edward is definitely the way to go.

rose6156 1321 days ago

Having fun translating responses to your photo -Portuguese, Filipino & Swedish - Universal Team Al

nikkilynnblight 1321 days ago

Team Edward, huh? I'm more Team Guy-Who-Almost-Hit-Bella-With-A-Car, myself.

RafalovesKStew 1321 days ago


Boo_Ono 1321 days ago

meeu deus ,Edwaaaaard

pttnson 1321 days ago


MELIBABY333 1321 days ago


1DerfulStyles 1321 days ago

Hahaha !!

rose6156 1321 days ago

You're Team Edward? Me too! Edward is so "dreamy" :D

Ludovicaa 1321 days ago

Oh that is terrifying! Gives me an idea for new merch though! #businessinitiative

RokkenJennie 1321 days ago

ROFL!! Oh, Al. You silly Darling. Is that your daughter's pillow? ;P

wicketaru 1321 days ago

Even though I hate Twilight, if you sign and send this to me, I'll sleep with it every night.

RickMantell 1321 days ago

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

FortunaAl 1321 days ago

ahah), Edward will give you a dream)

Bananamatic 1321 days ago

Just rest your head... not your neck!