Shannon Leto


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yellyeahmillz 1900 days ago

Nicce Work Guys!!! xXx

AdamLSN 2005 days ago


annaphoenix 2009 days ago

wow,i guess it's not so simple,good luck

_Brandy16 2009 days ago

yeah really good luck!

Natalia20M 2020 days ago

Oh wow it's just awesome!

DeadWalker_AA 2021 days ago

that's great! Good luck!

echelonwu 2025 days ago

well shannon good pik a specimen to an electrical

arronhunt 2025 days ago

wow very nice. What are you going to use to build the frame?

greenwhitebobo 2026 days ago

My cousin would love this. He is a guitar player and is always trying out new stuff.

Xanita6277 2026 days ago

un muestrario para hacer instalaciones electricas xD :D

NitzyRios 2026 days ago

o.0 (: what is that??? u.u i don´t understand

iheartjaredleto 2027 days ago

what is this? xD

KATechelon 2027 days ago

O.O !!

ApocalypticMARS 2027 days ago

Shannon you're simply THE BEST...please come in ITALY, we want the best band here in Italy...

purpleeelephant 2030 days ago

O_O ... =)

PauwMars 2031 days ago


crizzztina 2033 days ago


eveROCKgoddess 2035 days ago

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... well i'm glad you guys can understand it!!
looks like the makings of a plan.. or at least some guitar pedels lol
good luck with all that shit man xo

Phankam 2036 days ago

reminds me of an FM-transmitter we made for technology class with and a few years ago.... awesome :P

Alyces_Fair 2036 days ago

crazy,and awesome,and confusing! LOve it