@Justin I know you are there somewhere enjoying life, I know you are never gonna see this (sorry I know how much you hate to see us loose hope, I'm sorry), but either way i'm here with you, and i want you to that there's a lot of hate to you (guess you know), but that's not my point, my point is that i want to let you know that i'm gonna be here for you FOREVER. We've have so much time together since February 19, 2009, 3 YEARS of being with you by your side, supporting you. You know, in the start i loved you on secret, because my best friends where OBSESSED with you, and i didn't want to be just the other one. Your music inspires me, gives me strength, makes me BELIEVE, and ovel all it gives me hope. It gives me hope that someday, just someday, i'll be infront of you (probably on shock or crying, or screaming, i really don't know), but i'll say to you how PROUD i am of you. You've gone very far and one of the most important things you taught me, besides saying "never say never" is to stay true to who i am. I can't believe how you could have hate, you are just this guy that is really sweet and kind and funny, don't worry I know you are not perfect, because of the simple fact that you are human, i've judge you sometimes and i apologize, i regret it, it just took me sometime to figure it out. This is me, just another BELIEBER writing this, if you are wondering, yes i'm cryiing, because this comes directly from my heart. I wish i could tell you all this on person, but i not rich to go and chase you all around the world, besides i'd see you for like 5 seconds, i'm not famous either to see you on a red carpet or a premiere, i'm nothing big, just me...But don't worry i'll get there sometime, because my biggest wish is to get to meet you. You'd be surprised, i don't even want a picture with you or an autograph like many out there, i want to HUG you and talk, yes, just talk. You are amazing and kidrauhl you are my inspiration. You are out there spending time with your family and i'm glad, wether you believe me or not you needed a break from us, from all this world, and just chill, but please promise me that you are never forgetting us beliebers, cause' i can assure you we are always gonna be there for us. It hurts me to know that HATERS out there hurt you, that's why i defend you, sometime i get out sad or crying but those scars make us stronger. This is a fight we both are fighting together and i'm glad. I'm HONORED to say i have the  most amazing idol ever, and that no matter how many mistakes you make i'm gonna be there, because imperfections make someone perfect (kinda confusing, but if you think about it you'll get it(: ) We beliebers love you with all our heart, there's any love that is purer that ours, that's what make us special. I love you Justin #StillKidrauhl #StillUs #StillTOGETHER but most important of all #StillAFamily We support you. It's an honored to be a belieber #3Years still counting until the end, because remember "ONCE A BELIEBER ALWAYS A BELIEBER"