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#NeverTellAGirl she is ugly, fat /over weight. This is what happens.

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1796 days ago

#NeverTellAGirl she is ugly, fat /over weight. This is what happens.


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albertalbs 1788 days ago

It is not a reflection. :(

aquarian_15FEB 1795 days ago

got it . thought so d 1st time around .. but it was difficult 2 digest d obvious !!

pandalovesyou 1795 days ago

The saddest part is that the girl in the mirrors isn't even fat or chubby. The girl in the mirror is not thin, she is very sick. :(

ChloeCocozza_1D 1795 days ago

The girl in the mirror aint even fat x

betseynen 1795 days ago

the sad part is that the girl in the mirror isn't even that overweight

mzmadmike 1795 days ago

she's anorexic but still thinks she's "fat."

Channel4265 1795 days ago

don't be wrong, there is only one way to heaven, go to

aquarian_15FEB 1795 days ago

i didnt get it . there s a thin girl outside n a chubbier 1 in d mirror ! howcome?
someone please explain

JDBhasSWAG_ 1796 days ago

sometimes its true, but this is horrible

atoti_ 1796 days ago

Sad but true

DemiFixMyHeart 1796 days ago

Omg. It's horrible, but sometimes, it's true.

Tasha_Rattles 1796 days ago

oh my gosh

maria_babyface 1796 days ago

omg that is not true