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Pic! I'm about 2 cut the 1st slice in my b day cake on set :{). How cool is that cake?

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1830 days ago

Pic! I'm about 2 cut the 1st slice in my b day cake on set :{). How cool is that cake?


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Girl811 1798 days ago

MMMMmmm.. DELICIOUS!! What do you wanna eat first? Your name or yout hed? :P NICE CAKE & you look nice 2 !!

MacTavish_10 1823 days ago

You look amazing Victoria. :{)

ibiebermyworld 1825 days ago

OMG beautiful cake <333

KingaIDzik 1826 days ago

Cake is great, I like for my birthday. I love you, write to me on Twitter @ KingaIDzik? Please .. ;)

vjusticebutera 1828 days ago

How cute is that? Vic, I love you.<3 Please come back to Germany soon.Tweet me:

Mahdikool18 1829 days ago

have alsome 19birthday i agree with ever 1 the cake does look good
& you looking so pretty (:

Sharon_Escobar 1829 days ago

I wish you a wonderful 19th birthday, the fun in europe and your fans love you very much <3

GrandeFrantic 1829 days ago

I wanna eat it with you & we can mess about!

Ceci_Rubino 1829 days ago

U look so gorgeous and beautiful!Mmmm delicious cake!:)Happy Golden Bday‚ô•Lov u so much

Jaimee_Justice 1829 days ago

That cake looks delicious :) yum yum!! hohoho Happy birthday dear Victoria <3 many blessings and in everything you do :{)

IFancyZouis_ 1829 days ago

That cake is awesome!!!

Channel4256 1829 days ago

Nice video! >>

whocoli 1829 days ago

Happy Birthday Victoria !
Everything good for you

dailyVictoriaJ 1829 days ago

OMG you'll cut your head :{O ahah that's amazing <{3 love you so much! xo

Victoriadorable 1829 days ago

That's so sweet! ;{) I knew it, I knew that you're on the cake, like Avan on his cake! :{D Xo

darlyngirl16 1830 days ago

I love it so much^_^

mxrcod 1830 days ago

que linda

jkimpz92 1830 days ago

Happy burfdai ;)

jkimpz92 1830 days ago

facecake = scrubs =) and officespace haha