Steven Crowder


Yes, this is that young Conservative punk.

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Time to play "Spot the Gay Rental Car!"

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1886 days ago

Time to play "Spot the Gay Rental Car!"


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timelady8 1886 days ago

Eenie, meanie, minie...

DeizeMae 1886 days ago

Yeah, it is tiny, but to name it "Spot" might give it false hopes of ever growing up to be a big car.

AndyLucas 1886 days ago

Isn't that one of those new-fangled Obamamobiles? Can't wait to see Dealer Lots languishing full with all of those atrocities.

PoliticalJules 1886 days ago

That's a suburban snack.

abesbenedict 1886 days ago

That's a car? I've seen bigger lawn mowers.

drewface31 1886 days ago

I picked one of those from the grill of my Hummer once...