as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

the MindBreaker is finished!

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1458 days ago

the MindBreaker is finished!


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Auzeroth 1451 days ago

Um...why are there 2 different versions of mindbreaker? Does the one on the right exist?

guimet2 1452 days ago

sm duvidas umas das melhores armaduras que vc ja fes! =D

LichOfSkull 1453 days ago

I dont get how people act like they work for AE just because theyre names r (something)_AE and saying ooh dage that is a lil fat..just stop..wannabes..

Garabdorji 1456 days ago

wow dage ur arts are always stunning...!!!!

Numbar_Foar 1457 days ago

Just saw the female Mindbreaker. Not bad, Dage. Not. Bad.

Shydoli 1457 days ago

can you plz flash one of those so name are love J-suit and other one are soul eater harvester armor so plz chek it out and guyz too :D http://twitpic.com/8l8hg1 AND J-SUIT HERE http://twitpic.com/8l8hg1

Numbar_Foar 1457 days ago

Telling someone what they can and cannot believe isn't logical at all. You're trying to force your opinion onto someone else. Also, I don't like Dage because 95% of his female armors are crap.

Veneeria_AQW 1457 days ago

Awesome sword dage

KillerAC202Ae 1457 days ago

I don't have to give you one.

Zaronios 1457 days ago

This class is awesome!
But my drawings also are xD Take a look ppl!

DrDiceRoller 1457 days ago

Calm down bro I was just being logical. All I asked for was a reason. ^_^

KillerAC202Ae 1457 days ago

Are you telling me that I can't have my own opinion? Excuse me but f*** off.

Numbar_Foar 1457 days ago

...Anyway, I'm 99,9% sure you're gonna screw up the female version :)

Numbar_Foar 1457 days ago

Are you serious right now? Who are you to tell someone that they aren't allowed to have their own opinion? If he hates Dage, let him hate Dage. You aren't king of anyone, nor is Dage.

Icymercy 1457 days ago

Love the cap, simplicity is the key word ..... Awesome set

ZeMageAE 1457 days ago

Holy heck! :O

DrDiceRoller 1458 days ago

Forgive me but who are you to openly say you hate Dage? Give me one good reason how you could hate a talented artist that never did you wrong? The haters will never out number the followers!

Detroitsurfer 1458 days ago


AvengerAQW 1458 days ago

epic flashing....

KillerAC202Ae 1458 days ago

Eh Dage I don't hate you anymore! THIS IS JUST TOO AWESOME....