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Happy Birthday Ronnie!  Don't say we never did nuthin for ya..

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924 days ago

Happy Birthday Ronnie! Don't say we never did nuthin for ya..


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xxb3 894 days ago

How sweet of you guys! Seus lindos.

sedacaustica 907 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

Evillynn17 908 days ago

You can come and polish my cymbals any time!

Dawni2 922 days ago

I can't wait for you all to dust off my maracas...they haven't had a good shaking in a long time!

Dawni2 922 days ago

Oh you sure know how to make everything sparkle and shine!!!

bold_asthemoon 924 days ago

I miss you guys!!!!!!!! :)

artgirl88 924 days ago

and that's no spit shine....Ronnie I hope you feel the love! Happy Birthday! Cheers to you! Hope you got a great big bag of sour patch deserve it!

BothABIDI 924 days ago

Good job guys XD He'll be proud of you!!!
Oh Dave come on! You should be more serious in doing this! Look al Brandon, he's so in!! You should take his example!! :D
Happy birthday Ronnie ^^ My Best wishes for you :)

nessaspollen 924 days ago

haha i love this photo! Happy birthday yestarday ronnie <3 love and miss you guys!!!

chadlagunes 924 days ago

Felicidades Ronnie saludos desde Sonora Mexico !!!

amoinzaghi 924 days ago

You guys are so sweet!

VictorCaruana 924 days ago

Simply The Best ;)

Hebepe 924 days ago

You are the cutest <3

carolinabeat 924 days ago


Icarium1985 924 days ago

hahaha awesome! Nice birthday present ;)

MissFlowers97 924 days ago

Aww that's really nice :).
Happy Birthday Ronnie! :D xx

caronano 924 days ago

that's so sweet, hope he appreciated the effort! Happy Birthday Unstoppable!

beastrikesagain 924 days ago

ahahaha love you guys! xx

BelenSosa 924 days ago

That's so kind of you.. happy birthday ronnie! :D WE LOVE YOU.

HayleyBoulicaul 924 days ago

how sweet of you guys :)