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the hunger concept sketch

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1831 days ago

the hunger concept sketch


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BjorneAQW 1420 days ago

is this ever gonna be a thing?

silencer318 1827 days ago

Hey Dage can you look at my work for a sec, http://twitpic.com/8liuy6

AiasAE 1827 days ago

http://twitpic.com/8lo2cg what u think bout mine ? :S

DTAQW 1827 days ago

Oh, I thought it might be the Fear Armor because of the similar body design and helm.

KillerAC202Ae 1828 days ago


Lord_Nooberator 1829 days ago

lmfao..... not really bro

JuaniNagore 1830 days ago

I find the anus in the chest very funny.

Auzeroth 1830 days ago

Looks SUPRISINGLY similar to my Lesser Devourer
I drew this months ago...

Amel_Azman 1830 days ago

I like the helm.

humzaawan123 1830 days ago

love it, it jus needs an awsome wep to go with it, hope its an ac item

Titan_Cromwell 1830 days ago

o.o that name is actualy the name of a faction in a manga im writing

LordSealMan 1830 days ago

Makes me hungry just looking at it.... mmm... fleshy mandibles...

abcrooke 1830 days ago

Love this armor. If it has to be nonmem at least make it an ac item, to keep it from being overused

Attackstar260 1830 days ago

He was so hungry he ate his left limbs.

DTAQW 1830 days ago

A concept of the Fear Armor? Looks great!

SerLucane 1830 days ago

The eye in the mouth seems oddly placed.

xDamianC 1830 days ago

Not scary enough

DarkFirebrand 1830 days ago

That would be horribly unpleasant to wear... tasting the floor all the time...

DageTheEvil 1830 days ago


matador_988 1830 days ago

man is so cool!!!! put it plz in the merge shop :D