Misha Collins


Actor, baker, candlestick maker

We should probably start a collection of these.

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1082 days ago

We should probably start a collection of these.


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booma_lol 805 days ago

your eyes :(

Alex_25_23_21 816 days ago

And now You have 2 new records :) Yay Gishwhes 2012!

DarynaVodyanik 1016 days ago

Aww, you are incredibly beautiful!))

msucksa 1049 days ago

You deserve it! And other prizes will come... Congratulations!

SabakuNoBammey 1054 days ago

Congrats :) I'm sad I couldn't participate...:(

beeslittleknees 1060 days ago

Who said you could be that attractive. That is rude...I want reparations...

Chkist 1070 days ago

Молодец!Так держать!Поздравляю!

LittleMissSnowW 1073 days ago

we most certainly should!

MorriganMorphaz 1076 days ago

Right on! :)

harleenDrakeCas 1079 days ago

That's a good idea! btw, I love how you look at this picture! You are very handsome! :)

Nunney2584 1079 days ago

Dunno about anyone else, but I want one too. To take up the whole of my fridge (infinitely smaller than than superduper one) - my parents want proof that the stress of GISHWHES was worth it!

Casangelkim1304 1080 days ago

Congratulation ! =)

Camyla_Nogueira 1081 days ago

Aaaaaaaaaaah! Brazil Loves You Misha

Arielnkam81 1081 days ago

thats great!! lol

C1Molina 1081 days ago

Cool. Congrats! Looks like you all had a lot of fun with this project.

afraidinmyeyes 1081 days ago

Congrats! Good work! :)

CeNaFanHLR 1081 days ago


Nil_nisi_bene_ 1081 days ago

не бритый, лохматый, в мятой майке,но такой красивый!)
An elderly man with a dog it's ur grandpa?

cherry6tany 1081 days ago


DeanMaze 1082 days ago