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Hey, you! Play more games! Now!

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Pretty decent summary of the last 8 hours.

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896 days ago

Pretty decent summary of the last 8 hours.


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AJ_Pamungkas 537 days ago


DeizianeTeixeir 894 days ago


Zebra_C 896 days ago


Dothra 896 days ago

I just downloaded the Facebook one and it worked haha! Thanks Notch for this you legend!

youmustloveporn 896 days ago

Did you know... Notch once helped code the programs at but then stopped to keep his rep.

rafibasha_sk 896 days ago

twitpic phtos

ilial 896 days ago


faridma2005 896 days ago

very good......

youmustloveporn 896 days ago has hacking programs for Facebook

Joaopel_85 896 days ago


Brycey92 896 days ago

Notch, stop doing that and get back to developing Minecraft! Jeb needs some help...

CrystalWolfXx 896 days ago

I make little families on my fingers and make them dance. XD

horhito93 896 days ago

I will pay you 1 bajillion dollars for this to be a cloak to give this to me

Rox159th 896 days ago

It usually takes me at least 12 hours to draw something like that.

frostyfrog2 896 days ago

Sweet! Can I get one too?

Duodecillian 896 days ago

So does this mean you're happy or that you've been drawing this for 8 hours?

Loginoutskeep 896 days ago

good to see you are being productive

Crumzable 896 days ago


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freebuddy321 896 days ago

Um... What?