@MrsShitrit (@Zoe_Sandrunko) tries a new libel on her previous Kapo/Traitor for #JewsAgainstEDL after @LutherBlissetts stands up for @AvaVidal's integrity upon being falsely acccused of #antisemitism. This time she invokes the spectre of another holocaust (note she says holocaust, not Shoah, bizarrely). She also tried to claim that highlighting the racism of #JDL_UK / #JTF's Bartholomeus/Moore duo over at the semi-ficitious Chopped Liver Division was #antisemitic. This won't do, I object, it undermines antifa antiracist's ability to highlight real antisemitism. Therefore, I'm taking a stand. http://twitter.com/#!/LutherBlissetts/status/168660986730004480