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1237 days ago


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cjsorel 1235 days ago

now this a crunch I sink my teeth into. Love the nonmeaty taste

kzarr 1235 days ago

It's not a dog's life when you can have #Clifbar Crunch!

sbxcx3 1236 days ago

One whif of Clif and I gotta munch on Crunch!

news_junkie 1236 days ago

I have great taste to go w/ my good looks <3 #Clifbar Crunch

andzeng 1236 days ago

who needs dog treats when you can have a clif bar crunch.

slounsy 1236 days ago

After a walk around the block, I'm feelin' some CRUNCH for lunch.

mswsrock 1237 days ago

CLIF CRUNCH! Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy! Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom! MMMM, the good life.

mikebikeallen 1237 days ago

take off the wrapper... it's for cruchin' not lickin'!

26samsam 1237 days ago

Watch your fingers - nothing comes between me and my Clif Crunch!!

Kelly1204 1237 days ago

It's Crunch time!

wanderingpops 1237 days ago

Eating Clif Bar Crunch makes him happy!! As Jimmy Buffett would say, "Wrinkles only go where smiles have been."

Justin_Nunez 1237 days ago

Do the nutrition facts include the wrapper or not? Just curious.

penguinsilja 1237 days ago

Cliff Crunch bar- it's dog'n good!

turi_b 1237 days ago

Dis isn't one of dem girly Luna bars, is it?

_ConnorDoran 1237 days ago

I don't always eat Clif Crunch, but when I do, I don't waste time taking the wrapper off.

BethRunsDisney 1237 days ago

It's CLIF CRUNCH!!!!!!