Christian Beadles


Hi my name's Christian. I'm an actor, I love life and live to make people laugh. I try to be a role-model to my friends in my generation. Just say YES I CAN!


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CachaMara 1491 days ago

you are my boy friend? wow :*

Jasmine69416934 1514 days ago

Someday sexy! lol
Btw tell Catlin that i love her hair so much i am propa jealous

aldduArnaldi 1594 days ago

Claro que sí <3

Belieber_EsCka 1599 days ago

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah ! Yo Quiero Una :)

BeMineIrishElf 1602 days ago

Oh yeah!

Burlesque95 1602 days ago

Christian, I love you so much, you are my inspiration, you are amazing, you are my everything! <3
Pleaseeeee, follow me :'( This is my biggest dream!

MillaFuentes 1605 days ago

I Know That ;) Pleasee, sell these T-Shirts in CHILE *---------------*

bettsir 1605 days ago

love love it beacause is true. You are my boyfriend, right? dhgfg.

Genesiu 1606 days ago

I'll buy this shirt(':

CataBeadles143 1606 days ago

yeah! your t-shirt is amazing.. beacuse your my boyfriend forever PAPACITO... i like it n i luv u

WhoIsKenia 1607 days ago

Pleasee, sell these T-Shirts in venezuela

talchenmuseri 1607 days ago

haha love it :D

Maru_Valente 1607 days ago

Pleasee, sell these T-Shirts in Argentina =D

Ksu_love_you 1607 days ago


BeliebShawtyJB 1607 days ago

yeah.. u are my boyfriend xD LOL i love youuuu..