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Went to film at the NSPCA and of course I had to bring her home....

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1604 days ago

Went to film at the NSPCA and of course I had to bring her home....


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Rachaelitalia 1560 days ago

AWW she's so cute.

baganized 1573 days ago

<3 aww

Vicncali 1597 days ago


actingdoll 1600 days ago

Have you named her yet??

ascendingdreams 1602 days ago


dreamonia 1602 days ago

nice, put her pic up on the facebook and you already stole her home....good luck cutie pie.

LipglossedLeo 1602 days ago

She's a beauty.

ERIN_TUNGLAND90 1602 days ago

AWWWWW YOU ROCK ZAK... she is such a cutie :)

Vicki_DeS 1603 days ago

awww what a sweetie... love her!

Laurieann0462 1603 days ago

AWWWWWWW You are so damn sweet Zak!!! No wonder your so loved by everyone!! Id do the same thing!

TaraKGac 1603 days ago

poor baby looks like she needs some luv. has Ridley is gonna be jealous!

Emely_Gac_Fan19 1603 days ago

Awwwwwwww she`s so cute i hope ridley likes her new friend :)

chloeanslow 1603 days ago

awwwwww she's cute!

LILIEsk 1603 days ago

awww I could not resist either ^^

MustangMerly 1603 days ago

Ask questions later. Worth it.

tristab83 1603 days ago

Sounds like me I would like to bring them them all home

Janette_B1 1603 days ago

rescued pets are the best

SunnySusan 1603 days ago

OMG...She is a cutie

darkenchantment 1603 days ago

She is beautiful

darrowbythirsk 1603 days ago

Beautiful border collie. They have tons of energy!