#HayFestival : Children from the neighbourhood of Puerto Rey in #Columbia built ‘the biggest book’ during ‘Hay Festivalito Comunitario‘ on January 26, a festival organised by Foundation Plan as a part of the annual “Hay Festival”, the largest literary event in the world. 

The ‘Hay Festivalito Comunitario’ is directed towards children in the most vulnerable communities in Cartagena and the activities involve well known artists from around the world that attend the main "Hay Festival" event.

Fundacion Plan prepares the children a year before the events take place in reading and writing activities so they can make the most out of the visits from the artists. Nearly 100 children took their stories to the festival and with the help of renowned Catalan bookseller Pepe Duran, and over 20 professional and amateur illustrators who accompanied the entire activity, drew each one of the tales that the children wrote and included them into ‘the biggest book’. This book was then featured in the “Plaza de la Proclamación”,  in the historic center of Cartagena.