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970 days ago


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ThunderBadger 970 days ago

"Politically Mitt may be on my right, but we had to put Newt over in the next building.... "

swerytd 970 days ago

"And the winner is... Matt Dillon's Dad and Sarah Ferguson's crazy sister!"

IainWEwing 970 days ago

If you pull all my fingers I do a lumpy fart.

IainWEwing 970 days ago

It's obviously a "dead one of that" as rigor mortis has clearly set in.

T42Day 970 days ago

And then jab the fingers into the throat to complete the death blow.

IainWEwing 970 days ago

The dwarf vanish hadn't gone well as the crowd could clearly see him behind the middle flag.

IainWEwing 970 days ago

I call it the "half seig heil"

RicheyRevol 970 days ago

I was surprised when Mitt volunteered to be my Apprentice. But he'll do anything not to pay tax.

doodlewhale 970 days ago

Even these guys don't know where my hair ends and my forehead starts!

AliPlumb 970 days ago

"What do I have for this? Let's start the biddng at $21.6 million. A year."

RicheyRevol 970 days ago

Donald Trump reunites Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood 23 years after that disastrous Brit Awards.

D6equj5 970 days ago

Mitt Romney parks like a cunt

IainWEwing 970 days ago

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."