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Beleen and I chillin out, maxin and relaxin all cool in my pad, helping ourselves to a few smoothies.

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2768 days ago

Beleen and I chillin out, maxin and relaxin all cool in my pad, helping ourselves to a few smoothies.


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stevo10k 2732 days ago

even if it was possible to get that much

stevo10k 2732 days ago

999830469 T.T wish i had that much but i don't have the time to get that much

AQWTarkk 2732 days ago

Lol, Cysero. Isn't the "Maxin' Relaxin' all cool" from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song? xD

kinzvlle 2734 days ago

the bath tub from the inn i should have guset

DarkSergio 2734 days ago

999830469 Gold >=O

Felix_AE 2738 days ago

hello! made me wanna go to my house!
P.S. that is alot of gold!

darknessreins 2739 days ago

MY GOD THATS ALOT OF GOLD!!!! (isnt that over the gold cap though???)

fabrizio_GS 2750 days ago

lol cool furniture but now you have villa house with a 1st Class House Trophy! omg its member only :(

jjsopes 2750 days ago

chillin over a drink at a crib kool

AQWfun 2750 days ago

nice house!!!!!!!

Aureneno 2756 days ago

can u cum to cycero server
i wanna goto u

Aureneno 2757 days ago

Cycero this is lil wayne 100 can u tell Artix i wanna work where you do and AQWorlds rulez

drakedrakehi 2757 days ago

chillin eh?
Chillin and maxin an relaxin all cool, shooting some b-ball outside of the school. A couple of guys they were up to no good....

HypersonicPanda 2766 days ago

It's the Mug from the wedding, and they're doing the cheer emote.

micheale_e 2767 days ago

i have to know that trick

micheale_e 2767 days ago

um cysero how do you hold a smopthie glass up in the air

micheale_e 2767 days ago


deathsoul69 2767 days ago

Hey i hope you guys make a rlly cool house that we can buy whit coins =D

LuzerChezbergr 2767 days ago

Saying that the gold number is over 9000 would be a MAJOR understatement.

thaynanx 2768 days ago

OMG! look at how much gold he has!!!!, and look at his EXP bar, he is lvl 20 and his bar is full!! lvl 21 release???????