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"Hi" - illustration from "Shamoon and Breyana," by RAS IV. (

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973 days ago

"Hi" - illustration from "Shamoon and Breyana," by RAS IV. (


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salsipuedes69 60 days ago

"Drawn to the eye until suddenly seven years later you realize nothing at all." (Love)

salsipuedes69 107 days ago

"Enjoyed a tasty green chili and Swiss burger from the Little Toad Tavern today. Funny place to find such great cuisine." (Michelle)

salsipuedes69 545 days ago

New meat and pudding recipe allows students to enjoy both delightful tastes in one sumptuous meal. Smiles -

salsipuedes69 856 days ago

If you like playing in mud puddles with the Kardashians, ( you'll love this. Socks

salsipuedes69 893 days ago

Blow big bubbles. ( Watch them pop. wiggles

salsipuedes69 903 days ago

She was really good in a lot of different ways. ( But one in particular. Meow

salsipuedes69 903 days ago

If you like crunchy cereal, you'll love this. ( Secret surprise deep inside. No doubt

salsipuedes69 903 days ago

New study shows that rock n' roll is not the safest of career pursuits. ( Die trying. Smiles

salsipuedes69 907 days ago

Homemade bisquits and swirl omelette for breakfast. ( Check the website for recipe. wiggles

salsipuedes69 921 days ago

Homemade cinnamon rolls as a midnight snack. ( Let that yeast dough rise and slather it in butter, sugar, cinnamon, and sugar. Bake it at 300 degrees until it is golden brown. Meow

salsipuedes69 929 days ago

That time of year. ( Time to plant your poppies. Burf!

salsipuedes69 942 days ago

Mediocrity takes it on the chin once again. ( Long live our force to action. No doubt

salsipuedes69 945 days ago

She said: "I'd be a great addition to any crew." ( Strength of the car. No doubt

salsipuedes69 948 days ago

The new sensation sweeping the country: ( Bananasplit icecream rootbeer float. Try it from your nearest source of Paradise. Smiles

salsipuedes69 953 days ago

Not so much "country bumpkin." ( More like a "hill-billy." See?

salsipuedes69 972 days ago

Success begins when we start seeking favor. ( Socks