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Just did a crazy sketch of Steely, B-Crad and I on the dry erase board

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2201 days ago

Just did a crazy sketch of Steely, B-Crad and I on the dry erase board


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kassikae 1996 days ago

Wow, great talent and very Avatarish!! Y'all look a bit angry though : )

xX_Jane_Xx 2022 days ago

OMG you can draw too??! Talented men are unbelievably attractive!!! ;)

alika72 2036 days ago

Seriously??!! So u the hell out of a guitar..and u draw??!! Crazy talented man!!

RobertM881 2040 days ago

Lol You Shoul Like Make A Comic Lol.

tzibell 2074 days ago


irishgirljess 2106 days ago

Thats really good!

kala32 2132 days ago

nice sketching on the board! love the details.

lesliieee_ 2146 days ago

great drawing(:

cocochanel317 2171 days ago

So so Cool, very talented.

tlbraman 2172 days ago

is there a Daughtry anime cartoon coming soon?? lol

msceajay 2181 days ago

You are very Talented !!!!

daughtryditzed 2183 days ago

great drawing. you are so multi talented. Can't wait for more acting. Movies??

blakeatticus 2184 days ago

OMG! That is very good! You should draw the next album cover!

spikefan23 2192 days ago

That is actually pretty good. I like the sticky-out makes ya'll lood dangerous. LOL!!

RaquelRae1 2196 days ago

Actually I think the drawing is really good! :)

apostlethatroks 2197 days ago

Why the constipated look, fellas? (:-p)

kIMberlee__ 2199 days ago

.... and together, with their other 2 bros, they rocked happily ever after!!!!

tonya872 2200 days ago

So how come you didn't do some artwork for the album?!! You're just talented all the way around. :)

RandyNorth 2200 days ago

What's up with the snarls? Cool sketches. The D-Men.

nedinachristina 2200 days ago

Don't you be thinkin' about switching careers!!!! LOL