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Here is a picture of the beautiful newly redesigned Starbucks in Paris. More info:

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2590 days ago

Here is a picture of the beautiful newly redesigned Starbucks in Paris. More info:


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prettysco 2571 days ago

Cool! this is nice:D

DianeAdele1 2587 days ago

Very nice. We are coffee/cafe people and I see you nearly have the same username as me. Have you been here?

lassco 2588 days ago

very nice store!

MTlaw02 2589 days ago

Very inviting!

popgloss 2589 days ago

Awww. Pretty! Wish I was there. Lol.

MissBaileyMarie 2589 days ago

Oh my god I've been there before it was remodeled!!!!!! I feel so cool!!!

indiegirl175 2589 days ago

wish i was there with my friends.. it looks soo cool!!! =) i think i'll go tomorrow

ottiliakubja 2589 days ago

I have to drag the girls with me there when we go to Paris next year. I'm the only one who drinks coffee..

_Bliss_x 2589 days ago

Thanks now I know where i'll spend most of my time during the vacations.
Merciii Beaucoup, il est trop beau lol

kimmyinpink 2589 days ago

Now if only some of the Starbucks' in Vancouver could look like this!

leaxyz 2589 days ago

wow classy!make one like that in the one in zuich airport just bigger and in the city!the one we hav atm in small and crowded all the time...i can never sit!!

Fernanda54 2589 days ago

awesome ;)

ericchfu 2589 days ago

Oui, je l'aime!

markbalt 2589 days ago

Can't say Starbucks would be on my list of places to go if I were in Paris but rad nonetheless

bethkenchington 2589 days ago

bring 1 like that to brighton!!

shutupilovethat 2589 days ago

tres chic!

Mrslillifee 2589 days ago

wow i love it :)

Mcflyismydrug_x 2589 days ago

....WOW! i wanna go. anyone up for swimming to frace? then walking to paris?? is :)

mikeunderell 2589 days ago

I absolutely love Paris. I can't wait to go back. And now I have this Starbucks to find when I do =P

douga_ 2589 days ago

Classy. Wish my Starbucks looked like that!