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Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

Think you could spend a night here

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2507 days ago

Think you could spend a night here


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waytogohelena 2427 days ago

I would if Zak, Nick, & Aaron were there with me :p ...and Dean & Sam Winchester :p

libbymault 2477 days ago

no, honestly I am a chicken :)

GatorWoman13 2482 days ago

I would love too..Love Investigating!!

pattycakes864 2496 days ago

i would :-)

Debiajacks 2496 days ago

Oh hell yeah! I'm hoping to investigate a similar looking place when I am in Bama this month. 7 known spirits inhabit it.

MamaToBebeAdan 2496 days ago

Yes without hesitation or doubt, its all mind over matter and you have nothing to fear but fear itself even fear in the unknown.

lulurox09 2499 days ago

if i knew it was 100% ghost/demon free and I wasnt alone, yea sure why not :)

LeeLee8312 2500 days ago

Definitly...I think it would be fun...

twhittle91 2502 days ago

Oh yeah, I could handle that. Your typical haunted house...gotta be fun!! =) Bring it on!

richhersey1 2503 days ago

Bring it!

lordbryanb 2505 days ago

oh yeah, the scarier the better

Vanadesse_1067 2505 days ago

I would love to try. Especially the slave quarters where the light kept popping on and off.

She_Runner 2505 days ago

i think i could

livin4mydreams 2506 days ago

I would but I probably would be scared most of it!

pattilee68147 2506 days ago

whEN do we want to leave.

MAMAMNKY 2506 days ago

Most deffinately

kataomoi 2507 days ago

It's pretty in how rustic it is. Did you guys have a good night there? :D

Zyx123 2507 days ago

Oh, just read it is the Magnolia Plantation! So cool!

Zyx123 2507 days ago

YES I would! Where is this awesome place??

Belinda_ 2507 days ago

I'd love to spend a night there!