Diary of a Lovatic day January 28, 2012
You know today is exactly 365 days or 1 year you came out of rehab, remember this day? He left his first photo of the year, smiling happily, with sunglasses and a nice outfit and her long hair flowing, shiny black!? I remember like it was yesterday! Of course he could never forget the day I saw my baby was not that boring place, closed and away from the fans, cameras and internet! The day became known as the lovatics day because it was the day we knew that our angel was gone like a bird trapped in celebration and got almost can not believe what happened! The 11:00 am and left little news and the first pictures that came out! That day the smile of lovatics reached the ear of so great and we thank God for that! And day after you made videos and interviews talking about what happened on opening up their problems, thanks for the love and affection of the fans, because now everything was really good, making us believe in their happiness and inspiring many people all over the world who fought and won and we are strong! Well it seems it was not a year! It seems like yesterday! Everything went so fast but I'm sure of one thing: You grew, you moved, you matured and showed that being able to overcome strong, showed that being truly happy, and that life is beautiful! Today completes one year of it all and we are happy that everything went well and everything is! My flower only want you to be always happy and never stop believing, a year ago today that you are inspiration to us but I know that each of these 365 days of inspiration were important to you and so happy! Always be strong and always make believe! A year of joy, happiness! Only a year ago but for us it was very / enough! It is very important because we know that this day is good! Always be so and I hope that date is repeated over and over again! I love you =) Thank you for everything! Stay Strong Ever: D

Signed: One lesbian for Demi fan who loves glitter and Brigadeiro and his greatest inspiration is no more an angel wings! Tayna

May God bless you and enlighten you always!
For @ddlovato