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I am the goddess of tools! Hahaha

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2503 days ago

I am the goddess of tools! Hahaha


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JustDancinJay 1688 days ago

p***!ng perfect

Queries860 1910 days ago

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shelleybelly75 1910 days ago

That is one fully sick bike :D

billie2193 2042 days ago

nice bike .ive got a giant boulder .shame ive not got a giant road bike !must be insanely smooth!

pinkistoogood 2453 days ago


BeaPulce 2485 days ago

…but PLEASE DO IT! Bea kiss P.S. I know I’, boring even if I’m not!

BeaPulce 2485 days ago

funny and serious! I’m not sure Jesus descended from heaven, but I’d just like to talk with you sometimes, like two cousin! I know you're a busy woman, I also at this time…

BeaPulce 2485 days ago

I know what you think:" what I should do a chat with a fifteen-years!?" Then let me tell you one thing: I have about 10 cousins who have over 25 years: always I take them around, but you believe Me, each one of them ever calls me to do a chat,

BeaPulce 2485 days ago

Hey Alecia...as it says one of your best songs."Let's pretend, We are just two people and you're not better than me,I'd like to ask you a favor,so ... as a fifteen-year girl as twenty-nine women! Please take my e-mail ( bea94bea.it )

vale8021 2497 days ago

it seems you did a good job!

mocuischle 2500 days ago

come over ...sorry!

mocuischle 2500 days ago

yep...ur soo good u can over n put mine 2gether! Ta very much ;-)

tamara_stewart 2501 days ago

Have you gone for a ride across the bridge??

pinkfavourite 2502 days ago

yeah!! you did it! :D :D and make sure to be safe, please don't make us shocked! :)

kezza28 2503 days ago

Do u find it a tad creepy when pple reply to ur pics or comments and u see urself?

kezza28 2503 days ago

Mmmmm...u sure u didn't buy it already put together ;)

nay069 2503 days ago

go on ...take it outside. ride.....be free.

TheNacho1 2503 days ago

AWESOME! That's impressive !!!

nay069 2503 days ago

yay for girl power.who said we need a man.so why do we need the male spiecies?????

ToplessApparel 2503 days ago

so, which tools were you the goddess of? (nice bike though, looks awesome)