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Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

I just walked inside this body freezer... I dont feel well.  Seriously.  Ugh

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1560 days ago

I just walked inside this body freezer... I dont feel well. Seriously. Ugh


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zakbagans405 1558 days ago

hope you get well soon Zak!!

vvv_ashley 1558 days ago

i dont feel good ether. I havnt eaten since Thursday and its Saturday now.

actingdoll 1559 days ago


spunktut 1559 days ago

Go lie down and take a nap. and if you don,t feel better then go to the doctor

nathanwilliam36 1560 days ago

dead bodies are nothing i see them all the time at work

Julie_Elwood 1560 days ago

Oh man. I would not want to see what's in there.

Emely_Gac_Fan19 1560 days ago

hope u feel better soon zak

Michaellyn 1560 days ago

You seem to be getting sick a lot as of lately. Get well soon!

stormmolly 1560 days ago

Interesting, take it easy

Demure_Dulcet 1560 days ago

And you're seriously too adorable to not tweet to <3

GAC_Fitz 1560 days ago

I don't blame ya

corndanish 1560 days ago

What did you see in there Zak??

AllieCobrando 1560 days ago

wow just wow i dont have words to describe what im thinking

verntar123 1560 days ago

Um...ok...I think your face says it sweetness. How many dead bodies have you seen?

Katcetera 1560 days ago

Dude, I think you need to go lay down or something :/ lol

AudreyJL 1560 days ago

Hope you feel better!

GAC_LightHouse 1560 days ago

Ahh......i knew ud be needing a jacket!

Mariah_Bos 1560 days ago

oh dude gross.

wyleelynn 1560 days ago

u don't have to go back in there Zak..get some fresh air,ok?=)

KateBorogo 1560 days ago

Poor Zak ):