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Woman blocks Ahmadinejad's car #iranelection

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2260 days ago

Woman blocks Ahmadinejad's car #iranelection


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justjared23 1586 days ago

What youre saying is completely true.

SChalice 2248 days ago

you were the President would you shoot/beat her with cameramen around? No if you had a brain. Reminds me of the lone Chinese guy in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square.

SChalice 2248 days ago

The pic is real. I have the unlossied bmp if yall want it. I appreciate people that take a cyncial stance on things but think a little further. If you saw the president rolling down the street wouldn't you try to block the guy to make a statement? And if

lamapper 2251 days ago

Very brave, hope she is still alive!

shonagon_chan 2252 days ago


gjlawyer 2255 days ago


dnagroupsa 2255 days ago

@ Vivianks, he is looking at her, furthermore if you look at the side of the pic she is not the closest person to the car so securty forces did let others close as well, this is not the american president people actually love this man and he has no need t

dangergrrlie 2258 days ago

Pic is real. Her reflection is in the grill and bumper. Take it from a terminal photoshopper :)

vivianks 2258 days ago

hahahaha . I don't know guys, the pic doesn't look real. How could she get so close to his car??? There is no way security forces would have let her get that close and Ahmadinejad isn't even looking at her...if that happened for real I don't thin

jason_g 2259 days ago

it would help to actually count the ballots and wait soo that it would not LOOK like a false election. >_

jordinyc 2259 days ago

She's saying "Would you like some pretend coffee to go with your pretend victory?" (SRSLY, hope she's ok)

ghostgetter 2259 days ago

How do we know.....Maybe she wanted to wash his windows!!! LOL

mo6020 2259 days ago

Yup, she's fucked.

Wes009 2259 days ago

Geez! I hope she'd be alright, Ahmadinejad is an evil man. Lord protect her.

SChalice 2260 days ago

The oligarchs need fear to keep people working. That is one reason the US goes to war and installs hatred in impressionable people.

nobleagenda 2260 days ago

poor girl.. i pray nothing bad happens to her. that man is truly a tyrant. many accused President Obama of being 'The Anti-Christ'. but it should be him! and the leaders of North Korea; for disturbing the peace of the world with their own selfish ambition