“Chomolungma” – Mount Everest from space.

Wonderful memories of our 2008 trek to 'the mountain' to support my great friend, mentor, and spacewalking partner @SPOTScott 

‘Spike’ - as I look at Everest from space, it is still difficult to find words...reminds me of that verse, “Words – words – words…how can there be so many, yet I cannot find any …”

Looking forward to the Annapurna Circuit in the Spring. Thankful for ‘mountains’ that stand in the distance in our lives…and the gifts of friendship, determination, strength and perseverance that give us the vision to conquer the summit…and experience the other side. 

It is true that facing these ‘mountains’ head-on and struggling to overcome adversity and our fears of daunting obstacles ‘builds character’…it is also true, perhaps even more so, that it ‘exposes character’.

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting! So…get on your way!” - Dr. Seuss 

- Tike