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Drakus Highlord. My January entry for the Dragon Armor Challenge.

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968 days ago

Drakus Highlord. My January entry for the Dragon Armor Challenge.


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LuisHenriqueLH 964 days ago


xDamianC 966 days ago

...while the helm is like a "copy" so its more of a human head shape (:

xDamianC 966 days ago

Your comment got cut off at the end ;p But THANKS :D And i guess the shoulder's the actual head...

1c3AE 966 days ago

I like it. All of it to be exact, only real CC I can give is, make sure the helm and shoulder piece are in correlation to the way the skull is. Rounded helm, rounded shoulder, sharp flat shoulder, sharp flat helm. For the feet, make them Dragon-ish? Don't

xDamianC 967 days ago

LOL I'll see if i ever flash it ^^ Thanks though (:

xDamianC 967 days ago

THANKS :D If I ever flash this, I'll try to resize it (:

Tybira 967 days ago

I like that pauldron and the mane though I'm not really sure if they'd go well with the rest of the design. Dunno--maybe if it were cleaned up and colored, I'd see how they'd mix well. Likin' how y'did the armor plates too!

Top_AE 967 days ago

i love that head designe!!! as a shoulder looks weird, a little bit big. The dragon and the armor plate designes are very cool but im not sure if i like them togother...and a small thing: the eye at the helm, shoulder and hand is too random

TheKidNamedEvan 967 days ago

That actually is pretty awesome. Great design to! Love it. :3

xDamianC 967 days ago

Hoping the "dat shoulder and head" is a positive statement :P

GompaAE 968 days ago

Dat shoulder and head <.< I need to try harder in Febuary.

xDamianC 968 days ago

Guys, it's on >:)

xDamianC 968 days ago

Fur is attached to armor, but is actually the mane of the shoulder.