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Here is the first look of the new #G1Touch

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1857 days ago

Here is the first look of the new #G1Touch


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yorkieroyal 1844 days ago

it's still got that annoying lip at the bottom.

p7x 1845 days ago

I'm reliably informed it'll be out within 1-2 weeks...

AlexRoebuck 1849 days ago

When will this be available on T-Mob UK? When I call, the agents know nothing about it.

smubound 1850 days ago

If only this would come to T-Mo USA...

rumelm 1852 days ago

didn't expect this to be on t-mobile.. glad htc got rid of the slide out keyboard :)

ihitthebar 1853 days ago

as for as on screen keyboards go, the android ones quite good. But for general use, its soooo much easier/quicker when you can physically feel the keys +it eradicates error. I just think it will be sadly missed

p7x 1853 days ago

...for the opportunity to own one of these!

p7x 1853 days ago

The android keyboard is almost as good as the iPhones, and the phone's so much thinner because of it. It'll also support multi-touch. I realise a lot of people like the tactile feedback, but I've had an iPhone for a year now, and I'm clawing f

sephallen 1857 days ago

Woah, that's a suprise! I think everyone was expecting tmobile to announce the htc sapphire/magic, isn't this the htc hero?!

ihitthebar 1857 days ago

Wow! Seems to have gone a bit iphoneish though, with its prettyness, not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it needs the slide out keyboard, they're so much easier to use.