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Olive Garden salads is the garden of heaven

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1831 days ago

Olive Garden salads is the garden of heaven


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wyleelynn 1830 days ago

do u like the black olives?and wish there were more?=)

spunktut 1831 days ago

Yes I like them too Zak.

Philly_Phirst 1831 days ago

I always ask for extra peppers! And topped of with parmesana cheese.

JGibson789 1831 days ago

Yummy In My Tummy lol

bansheekat 1831 days ago

yum yum.

madeline129 1831 days ago

everything there is from heaven lol

Sweet_Tawny 1831 days ago

OMG that is Boooomb digity BAY! but I'm not allowed to eat that stuff :(

Shianne_Parks 1831 days ago

Agreed !!

kalakutie 1831 days ago

Yup, that's pretty much what it looks like when I'm done with the salad too! Lol

tracyships 1831 days ago

If you keep tweeting the Olive they may just give you a lifetime of bread sticks haha

dianerickman 1831 days ago

Yes. Yes they are! :)

Beriadhwenc 1831 days ago

Eat them peppers tha'ts the best part.

LalaDePollo 1831 days ago

I've never been to Olive Garden **puts head down & walks away ashamed** u_u

Emely_Gac_Fan19 1831 days ago

Yummy i love there salads and that's all i eat when i go to olive garden

AnnaIsUnique904 1831 days ago

That is a big bowl! U eat all of that yourself??

Kim_Garza 1831 days ago

Mmm I've been eating salad for dinner for days lately, but sadly never been to Olive Garden lol.

Liliana4381 1831 days ago

Did you eat all that?!?! :)

MarieByrd 1831 days ago

Oh, that looks yummy.

KateBorogo 1831 days ago

Delicious (: