The MPAA serves as the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries.

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Mathew30 1539 days ago

amazing how you preach #freespeech yet you take it away from others such as the piracy/p2p community #PIRACYFACT

appsmarsterx 1823 days ago

MPAA shut the fuck up u fucking gay homo fags !!

mccoolpix 1824 days ago

Way to go Annon.

mattomori 1826 days ago


9999Hugo 1826 days ago

This is wonderful, you have the amazing number of 0 Likes, i hope that this show you, in what side is the real free speech. You never gonna win, its better to die stand, that lives on knees.

KazehanaUdani 1826 days ago

I love the last sentence there especially cause it is absolute BULLSHIT!! If you truly wanted to "keep it that way" you wouldn't be supporting a Bill(s) that more or less give you and others like you to unilaterally decide what is and isn't breaching copy

DATrickster 1826 days ago

No, just no. MPAA, you do NOT get to say that Anonymous is trying to "silence" you, you copyright Nazis.

EAshleyBair 1826 days ago

Ha. hahaha. HAHAHAHA! You deserve it. No one is on your side, unless you've paid them to be.

chris_d_sanders 1826 days ago

Fuck you MPAA, RIAA, CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, ICE, IRS, and all you other govt fuckers that want to shut us up!

SpatialReason 1826 days ago

You should explain to the world how protecting copyrights and protecting free speech go hand in hand.

Awesomedogtrain 1826 days ago

Eat a dick MPAA. Just be happy it's not a physical attack on your CEO.

wordymcwriter 1826 days ago

Maybe if you paid ME as much as you pay Congress, I'd agree with you. But you don't, so fuck you