Urijah Faber


Professional Fighter in the UFC, Big Thangz,

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2765 days ago


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moyz23 2764 days ago

ooh sweet i'm sending you something. i like the shirt.

brwnijules 2764 days ago

Nice to see you have time to show your gratitude! Nice to be this adored and appreciated huh? It's all part of "Livin the Dream"

fashionlurks 2764 days ago

i love you! you are my role model and i hope that your hand heals soon!

mamasita77 2764 days ago

Can you even find your desk under there?

stl_girl80 2764 days ago

Aww your fans sure do love ya!!

ufab10 2764 days ago

ahhh your the best!!!!

Jess_sick_kuhhh 2764 days ago

VVVV ahhh hahaha lisa smooth

nascarlurg 2764 days ago

wow....the never ending groupies...LOL

claudethebod 2765 days ago

When can I come by to sign that cast of yours? The fam is in town and we would love to stop by and say hi :)

faberfan8 2765 days ago

Always keep that gorgeous smile on your face.... We LOVE ya!!!! XOXO

7Lisa7 2765 days ago

Did you get the check I sent you? If not, you should probably call me. :)

faberfan8 2765 days ago

Sorry..got cut off... You'll be back at the top of your game in no time..I know it's frustrating but hang in there!! We love you in New Jersey!! My 4 y/o son adores you also...you're his idol!! He recently sent you a card.... Take care & keep that go

faberfan8 2765 days ago

The impact you have on so many is truly amazing! You're a "true" role-model..in every sense of the word!! Wishing you much love & best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! Thanks for all you do...it means SO much!! Don't give up....you'll be back at the to

Jess_sick_kuhhh 2765 days ago

did you get the nudes i sent you :P

martinni1137 2765 days ago

I have experience as a personal assistant. All business, no games, well, maybe some, but professional.

EricaMMAfan 2765 days ago

Wow, you need a secretary! Wishing you a speedy recovery. We want to see you get your belt back.

WandyCroCop 2765 days ago

LOL, sorry to dog on you but how the hell are you going to open those letters?? LOL, my bad.

Emi1981 2765 days ago

Speaking of fan mail and stuff, my little sis has made something for you. Send it to the gym?

my3musicalnotes 2765 days ago

wish I had time 2 hand write/mail a note but know that here on E. coast is a HUGE FAN! Godspeed and hope you heal quickly! xxoo

merilclarke 2765 days ago

Thats a very beautiful thing.