The Knock on the Door

In many a time, in many a land,
With many a gun in many a hand,
They came by the night, they came by the day,
They came with their guns to take us away,
With their knock on the door, knock on the door,
Here they come to take one more.

Look over the oceans, look over the lands,
Look over the leaders with blood on their hands,
And open your eyes and see what they do,
When they knock over there friend, they're knocking for you,
With their knock on the door, knock on the door,
Here they come to take one more.

Music by Phil Ochs

'They can jail the revolutionary
but not the revolution'

Internment: the story of the last 50 years repression of the Irish by the British.

A knock on the door! In the early hours of the morning. A splintered lock and armed men break into your home. They are military and police. You are dragged from your bed. Jail or internment camp? No charge. No trial. This has been the pattern in Ireland, North and South, for more than 50 years. Now its hidden with years on remand by juryless courts

It is the story of internment; of the thousands of men and women who have been subjected to it; of the conditions, the brutality the escapes and the politics of it all. From Frongoch to long Kesh, Mountjoy to the Curragh. From the hulk of the Argenta to HMS Maidstone to Maghaberry and Marian Price's solitary confinement today now hidden by remand with political prisoners all over the island!

British Special Courts North and south, administered by collaborators of the Queen's shilling.?

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