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I'm Dan Schneider, of Schneider's Bakery, maker of some TV shows and movies. Victorious, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Good Burger, etc.

Pic!  Here's what's happening in the Victorious school hallway:

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1686 days ago

Pic! Here's what's happening in the Victorious school hallway:


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jujubasdaluar 1638 days ago

Liiiiiindas , Jennette Love. ♥

littlecatdalaje 1681 days ago

Jennette dorgada

saralokhandwala 1684 days ago

why does your locker say make it DIE ?? not make it shine ??

biacoelhof 1685 days ago

Two beautiful and wonderful

selsellover4eva 1685 days ago


mileycfan4eva 1685 days ago

his one already!

GrandeFrantic 1685 days ago

Jennette & Victoria are so pretty!

hellojuiee 1685 days ago

how does that work?!

Penquinzin 1685 days ago

Tori Vega and Sam Pucket! hahaha

RBDandara 1685 days ago

Jennette makes die -NN

ArianaGSupportL 1685 days ago

I love cat's locker .. ♥

Victoriadorable 1685 days ago

Make it die? :{D

santyferreira21 1685 days ago

victoria boots are amazing

AishaniBissesar 1685 days ago

Haha!! Love the locker!! :]

Danielle_Fong 1686 days ago

I never knew Jenette McCurdy was in an episode :L

MisaOkamoto 1686 days ago

know rht? I just saw that. "Make It Die" And that's funny

FoOdLoVeR45 1686 days ago

why your locker said make it die?

SmileforVic 1686 days ago

lol the locker! ♥

iSupportJV_AG 1686 days ago

omgomgomgomg -dead- ahhh I cant wait for this one :D

VampireDiareis1 1686 days ago

this video will be awesome and does your locker say make it die?