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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

At Dreamhaven, signing stock for Greg. Here is a photo of most of what I signed. Stacks on floors and chairs as well. There.

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2767 days ago

At Dreamhaven, signing stock for Greg. Here is a photo of most of what I signed. Stacks on floors and chairs as well. There.


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queenofs2s 2736 days ago

you've got to be kiddin', you signed ALL of these? This could be considered slavery, you know...

AdamIsrael 2765 days ago

And happily, I picked up one of those signed books the next day.

hectorgirl 2765 days ago


I really admire your dedication to your fans to sign books, even if it means hand cramps, sore fingers, and general fatigue on your part. You truly are an amazing person.

hyfusrider 2766 days ago

Death by John Hancock!

brokenever 2766 days ago

Neil is awesomeness incarnate. It can't be denied. :)

lecari 2766 days ago

Wow! That's dedication!

lady_deirdre 2766 days ago

Ouch, your poor hands! And poor Greg who has to deal with all of that, and will be very busy when fans find out there are newly signed books :)

JanineLJC 2766 days ago

Is that Dreamhaven in South Minneapolis? Can we get one? We will be coming on Saturday!!!!! Can you sign one special for my Olivia? She is 12 and she loves everything she has read from you. She has a recital at at the St. Paul Student Center Saturday

bookcoverart 2766 days ago

Oh my goodness, I see what Quinton and I have in store when we start signing the new book "the Seed of Hope"

darkwingfrog 2766 days ago

O.O I see stacks and stacks of carpal tunnel! Funny that the ad on this page is for arthritis pain relief...

kassia1213 2767 days ago

I sure hope they're coming to CONvergence with some of that... ;)

vasanti93 2767 days ago

Are you sure you didn't miss any? :P Thank you for all that you do Neil!

naughtybits 2767 days ago

Feeling sorry for Greg and his one-man show having to now catalog, sort, and send out to the waiting hordes.

VampAly 2767 days ago

Loooove Dreamhaven. I met you there a couple of years ago at the old store. Thanks for signing my first two volumes of Sandman!

KAlroythx 2767 days ago

And your writing hand hasn't sued you for reparations?

ymberlenis 2767 days ago

Suddenly understanding all the pens in this pic: How many does it take to sign a lot like that?

seoulless 2767 days ago

Aw man, I knew I should have gone downtown during my break today! I haven't been to Dreamhaven in AGES.

Derameth 2767 days ago

Awesome. Hope you didn't run out of ink! Hard to stuff those books into a word processor!

Ms_ReedO 2767 days ago

Holy crow! That's one big pile. Well, actually more than one :D

sooooshi 2767 days ago

I'll take one of each please.