#highaceznews #BIGGIE Named top twenty musicians of all time L.A. Weekly’s West Coast Sound recently made a list of the top 20 musicians of all time.  While Notorious B.I.G. was the only rapper to make the list, his spot was well deserved.  The following is what they had to say about the late Biggie Smalls on their L.A. Weekly blog:  17. Notorious B.I.G.  The man born Christopher Wallace brought a swagger to hip-hop that other rappers today — fifteen years after his [rip] — still can’t touch. Considered by many to be the greatest MC ever, Biggie told complex and emotional stories through intricate rhymes that sounded effortless. Never contrived and never soft, he remains beloved by underground and mainstream fans alike. Just as his career was taking off, he was k!lled in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles, the details of which are still disputed. -Chris Walker