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salue_99 2006 days ago

man ... I had to fight with others to come that close to this girl. seems like you had more luck !?

MissMojona 2265 days ago


jhooe 2330 days ago

Monalisaaaaa *_____*

KuschelRock1987 2353 days ago


xJoseGuevarax 2477 days ago

you are sooooo lucky

laleo15 2484 days ago

tanta pared para un cuadro asi de pequeño!

lepoja 2516 days ago

I know Paris has to amazing. One day I hope to be able to go

zivaziva 2517 days ago

I love turning around from the Mona Lisa and seeing the MASSIVE beautiful painting across from it...

Pattijor 2519 days ago

Hey, yahoo serious, you're allowed to bring cameras into the Louvre. They say not to use flash, but everyone does.

Pattijor 2519 days ago

I guess you guys had a private showing. We couldn't get that close. There were loads of people surrounding her.

medinabear 2522 days ago

So kool that you share your Photos the Mona Lisa is probably something I will never get to see in my lifetime I Love it!!!

triciareese 2538 days ago

I bet standing in front of the Mona Lisa was a wild sight!

destan65 2539 days ago

hope this is not proibited.....

generally in a museum !!!
doesn't matter

Baileygirl09 2545 days ago

My Demi, you look so different without the makeup and stylists! jk

DRJACOBB 2550 days ago

Thank you for sharing The Mona Lisa, Demi! =) Love you! Jacqueline Cobb in FABSOFLA

devon32595 2550 days ago

Very nice! I've never seen it before. I've gotta get out more!

Knuckles00 2552 days ago

That isn't the real one... up higher on wall and much smaller

jabermeister84 2555 days ago

what's really funny about this epic fail! You zoomed in didn't ya! That picture is what? 6x6.

andrea031984 2555 days ago

The kicker about everyone photographing the Mona Lisa is that your not really supposed too...hehehe...I remember being told that when I was there...

nelcoe 2555 days ago

Um, ANYONE and EVERYone takes pictures of Mona Lisa this close up, even though it is the least nice thing in the room